The Art of Ageless Beauty: Exploring How Hair Colour Influences Our Perception of Age

In the contemporary beauty landscape, the pursuit of youthfulness is not just a trend; it’s a testament to the evolving standards of beauty and self-care. The burgeoning appearance medicine industry, which includes everything from skincare to cosmetic procedures, reflects a societal shift towards valuing and maintaining a youthful appearance. This shift is not solely about vanity; it’s about confidence, self-expression, and the desire to align one’s outer appearance with how they feel on the inside. As a luxury hair salon at the forefront of beauty and style, at Oscar&Co we’ve observed first-hand how hairdressing has become an integral extension of this movement, particularly through the art of hair colouring.

Hair colour, more than any other hair service, is often motivated by the desire to capture a more youthful essence. The psychology behind choosing hair colour is fascinating; it’s a blend of personal expression and societal influences.

The luminous lift: Blonde Tones that Turn Back Time

Blonde hair, in particular, has become a symbol of youth. It’s a reminder of the days when our hair held lighter hues naturally, before time gradually ushered in darker shades. Children and teens often boast these enviable natural blondes, which many adults seek to recapture through hair colouring services. The allure of blonde is not just in its brightness but in its ability to soften features, reflect light, and bring a vibrant, youthful glow to the wearer.

Blonde trends that come and go are often based around the youthful impact they have. An example of this is face framing, where lighter shades are applied around the face to mimic the natural lightening that often occurs in our younger years. This technique not only brightens the face but also evokes a sense of youthfulness and vitality that many of us long to reclaim.


The Brunette Renaissance: Multi-Dimensional Shades

Amidst the perennial allure of blondes, there’s a brunette revolution that’s quietly but confidently claiming its space in the beauty world. This isn’t about the flat, monochromatic browns of the past; it’s about rich, multi-dimensional brunette shades that weave together various tones to create depth, movement, and an undeniable vibrancy. This technique draws inspiration from the natural sun-lightening effects that many of us experienced in our youth and makes our hair appear fuller, as it did in our youth.

By strategically placing lighter shades amidst a deeper base, hair stylists can create the illusion of volume, texture, and movement. The contrast between light and dark tones gives the hair a lived-in, sun-kissed look that many associate with the carefree days of childhood and adolescence, when hours spent outdoors would naturally result in beautifully highlighted tresses.


The Copper Glow: Radiance, Volume, and Youth

In the realm of hair colour, coppers have emerged as a radiant force, capturing the warmth and glow of the sun in every strand. These aren’t the dull, lackluster coppers of years past; today’s copper shades are bright, glossy, and infused with life, embodying the fiery spirit of youth. The evolution of copper hair colour reflects a broader trend in beauty: the pursuit of looks that not only appear youthful but also feel vibrant and full of energy.

One of the most captivating aspects of modern copper shades is their ability to give the appearance of volume. Volume, in the context of hair, is synonymous with youthfulness. As we age, our hair can become thinner and less lively, losing the natural volume that effortlessly graces our younger years. Bright, glossy coppers counteract this by reflecting light, creating an illusion of depth and fullness that revitalises the hair’s appearance.


Embracing Grey with Grace

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in how grey hair is perceived and styled. No longer just a sign of aging, grey hair is now embraced as a statement of sophistication and elegance. The key to making grey hair look youthful is in ensuring that the grey is bright, clean, and well-maintained. Through the right toning, cutting, and styling techniques, grey hair can exude a chic, timeless beauty that defies age. It’s about celebrating natural beauty in all its forms, while also recognising the power of a little salon magic to enhance that beauty.

Karoline (@grasshouse_hair) is on her way to becoming a grey specialist. We will be posting some luxury grey shades to demonstrate just how youthful grey can be! Stay tuned.


The Role of Hairdressing in the Pursuit of Youthfulness

The movement to maintaining a youthful appearance is a multifaceted phenomenon that goes beyond superficial beauty standards. It’s about feeling good, staying vibrant, and expressing oneself at any age.

At Oscar&Co, we are proud to be part of this movement, offering our expertise in hairdressing to help our guests capture the essence of youth. we understand that hairdressing is more than just cutting and colouring; it’s a form of art that allows individuals to express their identity and enhance their natural beauty. Whether it’s through subtle highlights, a bold colour change, or embracing and enhancing natural grey, our goal is to ensure that every client leaves our salon feeling amazing.

Melbourne Fashion Week 2023: Self-Doubt and the Adrenaline Rush

Written by Karoline Wiesenhutter (@grasshouse_hair)

There I was, on a Wednesday evening, the 25th of October, sitting at Auckland Airport, filled with anticipation as I waited to board a plane bound for Melbourne. My colleagues, Ed (an amazing session stylist with years of experience) and Macey (embarking on her first fashion week in Australia, just like me), had already been there since Sunday, creating incredible hairstyles for the shows throughout the week.

I had watched videos and was already a strange mix of excited terror. Was I truly good enough to join them? Well, only time would tell. I was committed now, with no turning back.

I arrived late that evening and received a warm welcome at our accommodation, complete with enthusiastic greetings, warm hugs, and Ed generously covering my Uber bill, as my Kiwi bank card hadn’t quite adapted to the Australian system yet. Ironically, I hadn’t fully adjusted either. The two-hour time difference had a more significant impact on me than I had anticipated, and I fell into bed, exhausted.

The following morning, I woke up at 6 am, still tired from a restless night but unable to sleep any longer. Today marked my first day at Melbourne Fashion Week. Macey, Ed, Andrew (another incredible hairstylist from Wellington, a friend of Ed’s, and the Head Stylist’s right-hand man), and I hopped into a cab to head to the Good Sheds, our headquarters in Melbourne’s Docklands. This is where we would spend the next three days preparing the models’ hair before they headed off to their respective fashion week venues across Melbourne.

We were part of a team of around 20 hairstylists. Some had been there for the entire week, like my “flatmates,” while others were just starting today. There was palpable electricity in the air, and the anticipation of what the day held for us was nerve-wracking. My hands grew clammy, my body felt cold, and I couldn’t sit still. At that moment, I wasn’t sure if I liked this feeling. It had been a long time since I’d experienced such doubt. I eagerly awaited the start of the day, hoping to stave off the creeping self-doubt. Could I really create these styles, or was this the moment when they would pull me aside and say, “Sorry, you don’t belong here.”

After an inspiring pep talk from Mark Thompson (Thommo), the head of Redken Australia and the organizer of our hairstyling team, we were introduced to the man himself: Richard Kavanagh, a world-renowned Head Stylist with extensive experience in worldwide fashion weeks, shoots, and as a global Redken artist.

Richard’s calm demeanor as he explained our expectations and demonstrated the hairstyles we were to create reassured me. It made me feel well-supported and united as a team. As salon stylists used to creating perfectly coiffed hair for guests, we had to learn to let go of perfection and allow the hair to embody a character. We tackled the challenge, crafting an effortlessly undone look for the Strateas Carlucci show and creating big bouncy blowouts for the underground runway shows.

Amidst the nervousness and self-doubt while working on our models in pairs, a new feeling began to emerge—confidence. I could do this; I was doing it right now! This realization washed over me as we worked through model after model and faced challenge after challenge. No one told me that my work wasn’t good enough; instead, they encouraged and motivated me.

As the hours passed and models transformed one by one, adrenaline, excitement, and a sense of purpose permeated the room. When the final models were ready and set off to their respective venues, we gathered for a debrief with Richard. Afterwards, we headed to the venue—an old BMW garage. Here, we fine-tuned the hairstyles, ensuring they had withstood the bus ride and the brisk, stormy Melbourne air.

We sat and watched the show rehearsal, in awe as the models flaunted their impeccable style in clothes, makeup, and yes, our hair! The feeling of seeing “my hair” strutting down the catwalk was indescribable. Backstage for the underground show, I and the others ensured the models’ hair survived countless clothing changes, hat-wearing episodes, and meticulous attention to detail. After a few rounds of makeup touch-ups and a final inspection by Richard, the models were ready to step back onto the runway.

Time seemed to warp as seconds turned into hours. When we finally finished and headed back to our accommodation, it was 11 pm. Lying in bed felt strange and almost unnatural as the whirlwind of nerves, amazement, thrill, and adrenaline kept me awake until past midnight.

Like clockwork, I woke up at 6 am, eager to experience it all over again. Upon returning to the style headquarters, familiar sensations of sweaty palms, a racing heartbeat, and nervousness returned. I couldn’t wait to start working on hair once more. This time, for the Student Collective runway show, we created a striking wig wrap, with sections of the hair plaited and pinned at the crown, while the remaining hair was tightly brushed and wrapped around the head. It was a statement look, accentuated by Richard’s application of clay paint as the finishing touch. The room buzzed with adrenaline and excitement as a community of creatives came together to do what they loved.

That afternoon, Macey, Megg from Brisbane, and I took some time off to explore Melbourne’s vintage shops, enjoy an early dinner, and soak up a few rays of sunshine before heading home at a reasonable hour, anticipating the challenges of the final day (day 6 of fashion week), which we knew would be a big one!

On Saturday morning, Ed and I arrived at headquarters a bit earlier than the others to create voluminous, wild, curly hairstyles for the models who would grace Melbourne’s streets in a pop-up event. The nervousness had dissipated, but our eagerness to create, learn, and collaborate was stronger than ever.

We styled only a few models for this look before they were sent to the location. Once the other stylists arrived, we received our brief for the 101 Collins show—a wet look inspired by the ’50s, with hair combed back for an effortlessly cool appearance. Initially, everyone struggled to bring the look to life, but Richard’s vivid storytelling—imagine an old biker from the greaser era, gazing at his reflection in a shop window, taking a comb from his back pocket, and sweeping his hair over his head James Dean style—brought clarity to our vision. With this narrative in mind, we found it easier to replicate the look.

After preparing all the models, we arrived at 101 Collins, a grand iconic landmark in Melbourne, featuring beautiful stone floors, walls, and massive stone pillars, creating a breathtaking scene. We watched the models rehearse and then headed backstage to ensure every single hair was perfect before the two shows. The shows were a great success, and by the time it all concluded around 11 pm, we returned to our accommodation, heading to bed around 12:30 am. In just three hours, it was time to wake up and head to the airport for our journey back home.

Weeks after being back in the salon, the sheer excitement and organised chaos that was Melbourne Fashion Week has turned me into someone more calm and confident. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone has shown me that I can achieve my dreams. And I know the hunger for the rush isn’t going to go away anytime soon…so watch this space because I will definitely be at Fashion Week again as soon as I can!

Melbourne Fashion Week 2023: A Dream Realised

Written by Macey (@hairbymaceyy)

From a 5 year old with a dream to combine her love for hair and fashion into a whirlwind future. To a quiet night planning my 2023 career goals on my Grandads sofa back home in the UK. To stepping on a plane to Melbourne Fashion Week with a Redken Styling Crew pass in hand.

Having a dream come true is one thing, let alone it being everything you could have ever imagined and more. And that’s exactly what Melbourne Fashion Week 2023 was. It was a week of creativity, learning, passion, hair, fashion, beautiful people, laughing, incredible venues and so much more. It was a whirlwind of a week and I had the time of my life.

Show 1, Pool deck, brought us a collective of designers which brought a collective of looks. The enhancement of natural texture with an undone but done feel made its way onto the runway which was positioned on a rooftop deck around a pool. 

Show 2 was Fashion X Theatre and it was exactly what you’d expect. A theatrical showcase of fashion. The styling only went and complimented this with sculptural hair couture. The larger than life Regent Theatre was buzzing with models who’s looks varied from gold glitter painted onto their hair to the perfectly sculpted ponytails. 

Ganbu Marra was Show 3 of the week. This show was one that touched many hearts, not only the models, styling crew and the team backstage; but people around the world and everyone who stepped into the Lume Theatre. From having all our models being First Nation, to the theatre being lit up with aboriginal paintings, to the celebration of Australia’s people and a traditional song by the designers Granddaughter. We had space buns with dramatised texture, and edging around the hairline to enhance natural facial features. We also had wet waves with the natural curls of our models being enhanced at the mid lengths and ends. 

Show 5 was the Commons Collective Dining show. With drinks flowing and food being served, our models showcased looks for a collective of designers. A sleek, slicked back, glossy ‘Versace’ ponytail was one of the looks for this show. It had two inches of binding out from the base of the ponytail to elevate and dramatise it slightly. 

For Show 6 we had Strateus Calluci. The look was lived in, disheveled hair. It was soft and subtle and then a headband made with face tapes was added as a hair accessory. This hair perfectly complimented the ‘Worn Out’ feel of the garments. Along with this, the runway was situated in an abandoned garage which together created this perfect masterpiece feeling of high end looks done in an undone way, in an undone setting. 

Show 7 followed straight after show six, and this time it was a collection of designers being showcased for the ‘Underground Runway’. The look for this was ‘Late 90’s – early 2000’s bombshells’. The shiny, big bouncy blow-out made its way down the runway and stood out in the somewhat opposite setting of the abandoned garage. 

For Show 8 we had ‘Pop up 1’. Our models made their way along the South Bank River on a sunny Friday morning. The hair for this was another wet look and was designed to feel like the models had just stepped out of the water. The pearl like features that were added to the makeup as well as the styling made this look come together perfectly to bring a mermaid feel to the models.

After Fashion Week had made its way around Melbourne City, we returned to the Abandoned Garage for the ‘Student Runway’ which was Show 9. The idea for this show was to turn the models into mannequins to make sure the clothing was showcased in a stripped back way. And that’s exactly what we did. We executed sleek wig wraps so the hair was wrapped precisely around the head. It was then painted with clay to enhance the look of the mannequin head we were creating. 

To wrap up Melbourne Fashion Week with show 10 we had the incredible ‘101 Collins’ show. This iconic location is where art stirs creativity. The look for this runway taught us how to channel a character and create a cohesive look for the models no matter what the hair type. The idea was a slick back on each side, like the character had a hair full of gel and has pulled a comb out of their leather jacket and is fixing their hair back on the sides. Just like Danny Zuko from Grease I guess – well that’s the character I channeled for this look anyway. This look made its way through 101 Collins with it’s marble pillars, perfectly polished floors, high ceilings and marble statues. It was the perfect setting, the perfect runway and the perfect evening show to close Melbourne Fashion Week 2023.

And just like that, a 22 year dream in the making became a reality. From the 5 year old with a dream to combine her love for hair and fashion into a whirlwind future. To a quiet night planning my 2023 career goals on my Grandads sofa back home in the UK. To stepping on a plane to Melbourne Fashion Week with a Redken Styling Crew pass in hand. To a room filled with beautiful people I had met that week congratulating each other, with exhausted hugs and tired eyes but our cups so full, souls filled with so much passion, and all feeling a mixture of emotion. We sighed with relief that we had done it, the pride we felt knowing what we had just achieved and the heart sinking feeling of already missing the backstage buzz and the week long whirlwind of Fashion Week. My dream had come true and I couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait to live out the next dream and see where that takes me too.

Melbourne Fashion Week 2023: A Mentor’s Journey with Oscar&Co

Written by Ed (@edhair_)

Melbourne Fashion Week 2023 was nothing short of spectacular, and for me, it marked a significant milestone in my career as a Master Hair Stylist. With a decade of experience working at international Fashion Weeks under my belt, I was given the incredible privilege of mentoring two talented Senior Stylists from my team at Oscar&co. For this year’s event, in collaboration with Redken Australia and renowned Hair Directors Diane Gorgievski, Mark Thompson, and my dear friend and mentor, Richard Kavanagh.

The journey began a week before we departed for Melbourne when I conducted a comprehensive preparation session with Macey Coles and Karoline Wiesenhutter. We delved into the tasks they might encounter during the event and familiarized ourselves with the Redken products that would help us craft runway-ready hair.

On the morning of Day 1, Macey and I departed from Auckland, New Zealand, and landed in Melbourne, greeted by clear skies and a brisk wind. After settling into our accommodation and refreshing ourselves, we ventured out to scout the locations where we would be prepping hair for our first two shows and to explore the vibrant city of Melbourne.

Day 2 marked the commencement of our fashion week journey. We arrived at The Good Shed at 5 am, our designated headquarters for hair preparation throughout the week. Under the guidance of Hair Director Diane Gorgievski, we harnessed the models’ natural hair textures to create stunning finished looks. Macey and I then parted ways, with her heading to the Pool Deck show and me to the Regent Theatre for the Fashion X Theatre show—an extraordinary production set against the backdrop of the Moulin Rouge stage. Macey quickly forged a connection with a fellow stylist, and together, we all created remarkable hair structures that dazzled the audience. The day concluded with both shows leaving a lasting impression on everyone involved.

Day 3 welcomed our fellow Kiwi roommate, Andrew Cobbledick, as we embarked on a day dedicated to the Indigenous show, Ganbu Marra. With two distinct looks to create, including textured space buns and wet-look water waves, I had the privilege of demonstrating the latter to the team while Diane handled the former. I watched with pride as Macey expertly handled a challenging model with grace and professionalism. The shows themselves were a moving tribute, featuring models walking amidst projections of art and people from Australia’s First Nation.

Day 4 was a whirlwind of creativity, with six different looks to master for the Commons Collective show under Hair Director Diane Gorgievski. I was entrusted with leading a small team to create a unique mixed-textured look, while Macey demonstrated her talent by crafting sleek ponies. Witnessing her confidently exclaim, “I got this,” was a moment of immense pride. The shows went off without a hitch, and after some well-deserved dinner and drinks, we returned to our accommodation to welcome Karoline into our close-knit group of traveling hair artists from New Zealand.

Day 5 marked Karoline’s first day at Melbourne Fashion Week, with Hair Director Richard Kavanagh leading the way. Hair preparation once again took place at The Good Shed, and the day featured two parallel shows. The first, Strateus Carlucci, showcased effortless, lived-in texture with a unique headband made from face-lifting tapes. Both Macey and Karoline executed this look flawlessly, showcasing their growth throughout the week. The second show, Underground Runway, celebrated voluminous, polished blowouts—a personal favorite look that we had practiced extensively. Seeing my talented team members seamlessly adapt to the world of fashion hair filled me with immense pride.

Day 6 brought two shows, each with its distinct hair challenges. The first was a Pop-Up show with an underwater theme, where Macey and I, under the guidance of Mark Thompson, created a wet look that gave the illusion of models emerging from water. The second show was the Student Runway Show, where Karoline, Macey, and I joined a large team directed by Richard Kavanagh. The sleek wig-wrapped look, complete with white paint across the top of the head, required precision and skill. It was a successful day that showcased our well-oiled machine of a team, working harmoniously to create spectacular hair.

Day 7 marked our final day at Melbourne Fashion Week, and it was one for the books. The first show featured hot crimped and waved hair, creating stacked waves and crimps brushed out for volume—a complete departure from the previous day’s look. The second show, 101Collins, was one of the week’s biggest highlights. Hair Director Richard Kavanagh led the team in crafting sleek, 50s-inspired greaser looks, along with natural textures polished to perfection. The venue, with its grand architecture, set the stage for a breathtaking spectacle. With two sold-out shows, limited backstage space, and a sense of camaraderie, we wrapped up the week on a high note.

As our whirlwind week concluded, our little band of hairdressers from New Zealand had seamlessly integrated into the Australian Redken team. We found a new sense of belonging, and to our delight, we received invitations to both Australian Fashion Week in Sydney and Melbourne Fashion Week 2024.

In retrospect, I feel incredibly privileged to have shared this journey with Macey and Karoline. From our initial training session to witnessing them evolve into experienced international fashion week hairdressers, I couldn’t be prouder. Guiding them through this monumental week was an honor, and I look forward to what the future holds for these two amazing individuals. Melbourne Fashion Week 2023 will forever hold a special place in our hearts as a testament to growth, teamwork, and the indomitable spirit of the fashion industry.

2024 Fashion and Hair Trends by Jarod Fisher

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and beauty, 2024 promises to be a year filled with exciting new trends that will redefine the way you look and feel. Our newest up and coming Stylist, Jarod Fisher (@jarod_hair) has been exploring the captivating trends that will take the hair world by storm this year. And we are ready to share these with you!

Cutting Trends

90’s shags with a modern twist

The 90’s continued to influence hair trends during 2023 and the texture of the 90’s is here to stay in 2024. We will continue to see cuts embracing of texture, and an overall lived-in feel. We’ve seen this texture influence from our favourite celebrities, TikTok trends and the enhanced 90’s fashion era seen on runways and red carpets. This era mixes all of the things that were great about the 90’s, with a nuanced 2024 feel.


Fringes are back in a big way, but with a twist – quite literally, in some cases, thanks to TikTok trends. Expect softer, face-framing pieces and lightweight fringes that beautifully complement the 90s vibe. It’s all about adding a subtle, updated touch to what we might not have appreciated about 90s hair trends.


Not everyone is ready for the commitment and styling demands of shag cuts. That’s where layered hairstyles come into play. More and more clients are exploring styles that incorporate layers, offering a personalised touch based on individual preferences. Whether you’re looking for a change that’s long-lasting or short-term, layers offer endless possibilities to zhuzh up your look.

Styling Trends

Blowouts over ironed perfection

In 2024, we’re seeing a shift towards a more relaxed, “dressed down” approach to styling. Blowouts are back in the spotlight, replacing the quest for perfectly straight hair. Whether your hair is short or long, embracing its natural texture and movement is the name of the game.

Embrace flyaways and grunge texture

Grunge textures have become a sensation in the world of hair, especially in editorials, runways, and high-end fashion portfolios. This trend encourages the embrace of flyaways, wet looks, and the continuation of the relaxed, effortless style popularised by blowouts.

Colour Trends

Warmth-embracing tones

Say goodbye to platinum blondes as warm colours make a comeback in 2024. Gold tones are gradually taking center stage, and pastel blonde variations are gaining relevance. These hues add a touch of warmth and vibrancy to your hair, elevating your overall look.

Softer regrowth

In the wake of financial pressures worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many guests are exploring ways to embrace their natural hair colour. One trend gaining even more traction is the use of balayage techniques to achieve bright blondes while avoiding early regrowth lines. This approach offers a seamless blend of natural and colored hair, making it easier to maintain and enjoy.


We are so excited to see these trends taking shape in 2024!

Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic 90’s vibe, a relaxed and effortless style, or a fresh take on hair colour, we’ve got you covered. Our team of talented stylists is here to help you step into the world of 2024 hair trends with confidence and style!

Unveiling the Unforgettable: Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023 – The Hair Chronicles!

Hold on to your hairpins, folks! As an Editorial Hair Stylist at Oscar&Co hair salon in Takapuna with front-row access to the electrifying Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023, Oscar&Co Head Stylist Ed (@edhair_) is here to spill the glamorous tea on the hair adventures that unfolded behind the scenes. From wacky schedules to jaw-dropping shows, let’s dive into the highlights of this unforgettable fashion extravaganza.

The Intensive Schedule

Picture this… Early mornings, late nights, and hair tools galore! The week kicked off with a bang, as I joined Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh at his den of creativity, working on mind-boggling hairpieces for the Lordan Spyridon Gogos show. With the Redken hair team in tow, we turned Richard’s house into a hair haven. Talk about a wild start to Sydney Fashion Week!

Captivating Shows and Their Hair Directors

Michael Lo Sordo Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Effortless luxe was the name of the game here. We sprayed sea salt and dry shampoo like pros to create the ultimate cool-girl hair. Think early 2000s Kate Moss vibes, effortlessly chic and ready to rock the runway.

Lordan Spyridon Gogos Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Prepare to have your mind blown, folks! This show pushed boundaries like nobody’s business. We unleashed our inner hair artists, crafting abstract and geometric hairpieces using hair wefts. Models with diverse styles strutted their stuff, owning their unique hair looks. Avant-garde? More like Avant-glam!

Injury Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Ready to embrace your inner goth punk vampire? This show had it all! We channeled our punk side, creating gravity-defying spikes using the models’ own hair. Finger waves, braids, and exaggerated horns of hair added an extra touch of darkness. Get ready to rock the night away!

Indigenous Fashion Project Show (Hair Director Kirsty Hodgson):

Bringing together urban subculture and Hollywood glam, this show was a head-turner. We unleashed our disco divas, embracing voluminous curls and glam waves that would make Studio 54 proud. The beach babes joined the party too, flaunting those beachy textures like nobody’s business. It was a celebration of Indigenous heritage and fierce fashion.

Blanca Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Luxury Italian holiday, anyone? The hair at the Blanca show oozed effortless carefree elegance. We crafted cool girl blowout sets, tucking hair nonchalantly behind the ears. And let’s not forget those low Chignon knots at the back of the head. Hello, dolce vita!

Ikuntji Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Boss babes were the order of the day at this show. Picture this: sleek smoothed locks set with Hot tongs brushed out to a polished glamour that theses Boss Babes could hit any High Street and turn heads. First Nation models stole the show, while Indigenous Elders, lovingly called “Aunties,” added an emotional touch. The power of hair and culture combined in an unforgettable display.

Cue Show (Hair Director Diane Georgievski):

Grunge meets glamour, baby! The Cue Show brought back ’90s vibes with a vengeance. We unleashed our inner rock stars, rocking grunged-out and undone hair with a signature “S” bend. But wait, there’s more! Sleek, straight blowouts were in the mix too, creating a grungy, glamorous fusion that screamed rock ‘n’ roll.

Next Gen Show (Hair Director Justin Pace):

Time to unleash the future of hair! With a strong center part and floaty hairlines, we created hairstyles that juxtaposed sleek wet looks with carefree waves. Lived-in blowouts with soft waves at the ends added that carefree vibe. The next generation never looked so good!

We Wear Australian Show (Hair Director: Richard Kavanaugh):

Closing out Australian Fashion Week in style, this show paid tribute to 1950s greasers. Imagine a greaser catching his reflection, slicking back his hair, and continuing on his cool journey. Wet-look, tightly pushed-back sides, hand-pinched waves in the back, and slick, combed cross-overs on top exuded old-school charm with a modern twist. Grease lightning, indeed!

Unforgettable Highlights

Among the jaw-dropping shows, the Ikuntji Show held a special place in my heart. Collaborating with Indigenous Elders, the enchanting “Aunties,” was a life-changing experience. Their grace and beauty left me emotional and inspired. Working on this show, surrounded by incredible talent and culture, was a memory I’ll cherish forever.

And let’s not forget the creative chaos at Richard Kavanaugh’s house for the Iordan Spyridon Gogos show! We laughed, we crafted, and we made magic happen. It was a whirlwind of hairspray, hot tools, and laughter that solidified the bonds between us. Who knew a house could become a haven for hair artists?

Conclusion: Sydney Fashion Week 2023 was a wild ride of hair adventures, artistic expression, and unforgettable moments. From avant-garde creations to effortlessly cool styles, the hair stole the show alongside the jaw-dropping fashion. As a New Zealand Hair Stylist, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this incredible journey where hair met fashion in the most fabulous way. Cheers to the magic of hair and the memories created during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023!

2023 Fashion and Hair Trends by Macey Coles

If you’re someone who loves staying up-to-date with the latest fashion and hair trends, then you’ll be happy to hear that the fashion and beauty forecast for 2023 is in! Our up and coming Emerging Stylist Macey Coles @hairbymaceyy tells us what we can expect to see in terms of fashion, haircuts, and hair colour trends.

Fashion Trends

The fashion forecast for 2023 includes a mix of old and new styles. The 90s and 2000s (noughties) are still going to be in vogue with sexy grunge styles and nostalgic fashion. But, there will also be a focus on long-term investments, simplicity, and a perfectly imperfect look. Everyday wear will be elevated and styles borrowed from the boys are also expected to be popular. Vintage and thrift shopping will continue to be popular options for those who want to achieve some of these looks.

Jeans and oversized t-shirts will be worn for the “borrowed from the boys” look and the “perfectly imperfect” statement trends:

The sheer look demonstrates the forecast “less is more” idea:

There will still be grunge, leather and denim, but this time it will be softer, more feminine and romantic:

Haircut Trends

When it comes to haircut trends, 2023 is all about customisation. We will be seeing unique combinations of trends and styles pieced together to create individually customised haircuts. Some of the top trends to look out for include:
– Slick artistry
– The box bob
– Seventies bangs
– Noughties mullets
– Luxurious long hair
– Side partings
– The wet look
– Sculptural braids.

Here are some fun ways that these can be combined to create individual customised styles:

1. “Seventies bangs” and “luxurious long hair”
2. “The wet look” and “slick artistry”
3. “Noughties mullets” and “seventies bangs”
4. “Sculptural braids” with “slick artistry”
5. A classic “box bob” which also ties in the “seventies bangs”
6. A “noughties mullet” with a “side parting”
7. “Seventies bangs”, the “noughties mullet” and “luxurious long hair”

Specific cuts to look out for are:

The octopus cut. Loosely resembling the shape of the sea creature, this cut will give lots of layers and volume on top, coupled with longer layered pieces that will fall on, or past your shoulders. This is the newest take on the shag or mullet and is very wearable and versatile on short, long, straight and curly hair.


The bob or bixie. Short crops and bobs are going to be the haircuts of 2023. Bobs are getting shorter and with a square length, cropped fringes, internal layers and wispy face framing texture. If you can’t decide between the “Bob” and the “Pixie” cuts, then 2023 will be seeing a lot of ‘Bixie’ cuts.

Hair Colour Trends

For hair colour trends, 2023 is all about personalised shades that bring warmth and richness to the hair.

Personalised platinum and beige blonde. Whether you call it honey blonde or beige, this customised sandy beige blonde is slated to lead the lighter shades of hair. Beige is especially perfect for the cooler months when the sky has more grey or cool tones. This colour is meant to feel natural and effortless.

Rich chocolate and subtle cinnamon. A marriage between red and brown. It incorporates the red hair trend which has veered into ginger, copper and sunset, whilst maintaining the merits of brunette. This colour leans into the warmer undertone that most brunettes have.

Vampy red. This is a fun way to play with the redhead trend that we have been seeing. Its a deep red/violet tone that is super vampy and not at all natural. This is a deeper, moodier take on the 2022 red/copper hair trend.

Switching up your hair colour in 2023 can give you a fresh new look and bring optimism and joy to the year. If you want to stay on top of the latest fashion and hair trends, 2023 is going to be an exciting year. So, keep an eye out for these trends, and don’t be afraid to try something new and unique!


The rise of extension services

Hair extensions have experienced a significant surge in popularity over the past few years. It’s no longer just celebrities who are rocking long, luscious locks, but everyday people who are embracing the versatility and convenience that hair extensions provide. Jenny is our Extension Specialist at Oscar&Co. Jenny works with the highest quality European tape extensions that we stock in the salon. We think Jenny is one of the best Extension Specialists in the industry. Have a look at some of her work on her Instagram hair page @jennyvioletstyled


Let’s explore the reasons behind the rise in popularity of hair extensions.

Social Media Influence

Social media has played a significant role in the increasing popularity of hair extensions. With platforms like Instagram and TikTok, people have access to endless hair inspiration. Influencers are showcasing their hair transformations using hair extensions on these platforms. This has contributed to a more inclusive beauty standard, where people can experiment with different hair textures, colors, and lengths to suit their preferences.


In the past, hair extensions were seen as a luxury item, and only those with deep pockets could afford them. However, with advances in technology and more accessible manufacturing processes, hair extensions have become more affordable and accessible to the average person. Additionally, the availability of a wide range of options for different budgets and needs has further contributed to the increased demand for hair extensions.


One of the most significant advantages of hair extensions is their versatility. They can be used to add length and volume, as well as to experiment with different styles and colors. This allows people to switch up their look without making a permanent commitment, and it provides the freedom to try out different hairstyles and trends.

Ease of Use

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly user-friendly. At Oscar&Co we choose tape extensions. These are easy for a Specialist to apply and remove, making them an attractive option for people who want to switch up their look without committing to a more permanent option. Tape extensions require a 6 weekly maintenance appointment which involves re-taping the extensions higher up in the hair as it grows.


With more people looking to experiment with different hairstyles and trends, it’s no surprise that hair extensions have become a go-to solution for those seeking a quick and easy transformation. And it’s no surprise we are starting to get asked for these services more and more often. Book in for a complimentary consultation if you would like to learn more about this service.

L’Oreal Metal Detox for colour longevity

Have you found your colour has not been lasting very well? That it has ended up too warm (or orange), or that your coloured hair is excessively damaged? Chances are, this is because your hair contains too many metals. 53% of New Zealand women have metals in their hair. This is the highest proportion in the world. Metals get into the hair when they are present in the water. Water that is used for washing hair often contains metals, as do the water in swimming pools, rivers and seas. When there is metal present in the hair, they heat up during the colouring process, which causes discolouration and breakage of the bonds inside the hair.

L’Oreal now offer a professional and retail Metal Detox suite of products. If you suspect you have a high concentration of metals in your hair, use the Metal Detox at-home products to ensure as many of these metals are removed from your hair before your colour service. During your service, ask your Stylist to use the back-basin Metal Detox products which will strip the hair of even more metals, before the colouring process begins. Then, continue to use the products after your service to ensure these metals don’t build up in your hair again, to ensure your colour lasts as long as it should. Speak to your Stylist at your next appointment if you suspect metal might be a problem for you.



This Season’s Trending Styles

During October, Oscar&Co held a workshop to present and photograph our seasonal trending hair styles. We also discussed the colours and cuts we can see being a big hit over Summer. 

The trending haircut is all about 90’s layers. Think of Jennifer Anniston in the 90’s with layers that never really went out of fashion. This season, the layers are more pronounced and also extend to shorter layers around the face, otherwise known as bangs. The bottleneck bangs create a wine bottle shape around your face. Coupled with lighter colour around the face, this gives a cute and cheeky look. 

In terms of colours, very soft strawberry blondes will make a come-back. These can be in hues of very soft pink or peach. We will see a lot of blondes turning to warm buttery shades and brunettes will go with dark coffee colours. 

Styles that we will see trending as we attend events this Summer, will be high and low pony tails, bouncy blow outs and an assymetrical look we like to call the ‘red-carpet flick’. Our team can create these looks for you on the day of your event. Booking in for a Seasonal Dry Style Trend appointment. Come to the salon with clean, dry hair and we will have you ready to go within the hour.  Enjoy!