8 March 2022

Jess is now on maternity leave

Most of your will know Jess, or have heard of her. Some of you have been waiting months to get in to see her. Jess is definitely one of our most sought after Colourists and Stylists with a long waiting list of guests lining up to see her. Jess is well known in the industry for her beautiful colour work. She really has an eye for colour and can provide guests with exactly the shade and tone of colour they are wanting.

Recently, the lovely Jess has gone on early maternity leave while awaiting the arrival of her twins. Unfortunately this meant she did not have a chance to say farewell to most of her guests, and hand them over warmly to an alternative Stylist who can look after them while Jess is on maternity leave. However, Jess has put a lot of thought into each and every one of her guests, and made recommendations to Kylie and Jemma about who each guest should see in her absence. Jess has thought about each guest’s requirements, their colour needs, their hair type and their personalities, to best match them with another one of our talented team. For colour work, most guests will be respectfully looked after by Yvie, Macey or Zeldene. Each of these colourists has been well trained over the years by Jess herself. For cutting and styling, Jess’ guests will be cared for by Ed, Phillipa, Jenny and Yvie.

We wish Jess well on her new and exciting journey and we can’t wait to see her back in the salon again soon, making magic with hair and passing on her talent to the new up-and-coming Stylists in the salon.