27 October 2022

L’Oreal Metal Detox for colour longevity

Have you found your colour has not been lasting very well? That it has ended up too warm (or orange), or that your coloured hair is excessively damaged? Chances are, this is because your hair contains too many metals. 53% of New Zealand women have metals in their hair. This is the highest proportion in the world. Metals get into the hair when they are present in the water. Water that is used for washing hair often contains metals, as do the water in swimming pools, rivers and seas. When there is metal present in the hair, they heat up during the colouring process, which causes discolouration and breakage of the bonds inside the hair.

L’Oreal now offer a professional and retail Metal Detox suite of products. If you suspect you have a high concentration of metals in your hair, use the Metal Detox at-home products to ensure as many of these metals are removed from your hair before your colour service. During your service, ask your Stylist to use the back-basin Metal Detox products which will strip the hair of even more metals, before the colouring process begins. Then, continue to use the products after your service to ensure these metals don’t build up in your hair again, to ensure your colour lasts as long as it should. Speak to your Stylist at your next appointment if you suspect metal might be a problem for you.