23 May 2022

Training at Oscar&Co

There is no denying that it is a challenging and uncertain time for many industries, and no less for the Hair Industry.

For Hairdressers and salons, it is a time when the salon can be quiet one minute, while people are locked down or isolating, and the next minute, the salon can be extraordinarily busy following a long lockdown. This means it can be difficult to be sure you have the right number of Stylists to meet the demand at any point in time. With borders closed and so many salons scrambling for Stylists, it’s hard to be sure you will have the right number of Stylists to meet demand in the future.

Amidst all the uncertainty, Oscar&Co hair salon in Takapuna has taken the unique approach to invest in the future of hairdressing by maximising and fast tracking their internal training program. Historically there has always been a strong focus on training, but with the recent new ownership, training and education has been taken to the next level.

“Although times are challenging, it really is the perfect time to be investing in our industry so we can be ready for a time when the world returns to normality. We need to ensure the supply of top-quality Stylists in the next generation of hairdressers” says Oscar&Co owner Jen Andrews.

Ed showing Anika how to complete a polished blow wave on a mannequin


With 2 Emerging Stylists coming out the end of their Apprenticeships, Oscar&Co have recently taken on 4 new Apprentices who are now embarking on a demanding yet rewarding 4 year education program.

“The opportunity is incredible” say Hannah Ritchie and Awatea Williams who both started in the salon in the busy December post-lockdown period. “Every day I’m learning so much” says Leah Haldane, the salon’s newest Apprentice.

Oscar&Co’s newest apprentices (from Left to Right: Tea, Hannah, Lea)


Education is achieved through various continuing ongoing learning programmes including in-house training manuals, external consultants, external educators and probably most importantly, internal Senior Stylists. The Senior members of the team have been so enthusiastic to play a part in the education of the new Apprentices and really enjoy showcasing the Oscar&Co way within the salon.

“It’s so important to not only teach the basics, but also to teach our Oscar&Co unique approach of doing things” says Training Manager Karoline Wiesenhutter.

Training Manager Karoline Wiesenhutter


At Oscar&Co, the importance of communicating to guests what happens behind the scenes is strongly encouraged. Therefore, Apprentices will be showcasing their training work and achievements through their social media pages, predominantly Instagram.

It certainly is exciting times for our loft hair salon in Takapuna and we can’t wait to watch the team grow over the coming years.