26 May 2023

Unveiling the Unforgettable: Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023 – The Hair Chronicles!

Hold on to your hairpins, folks! As an Editorial Hair Stylist at Oscar&Co hair salon in Takapuna with front-row access to the electrifying Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023, Oscar&Co Head Stylist Ed (@edhair_) is here to spill the glamorous tea on the hair adventures that unfolded behind the scenes. From wacky schedules to jaw-dropping shows, let’s dive into the highlights of this unforgettable fashion extravaganza.

The Intensive Schedule

Picture this… Early mornings, late nights, and hair tools galore! The week kicked off with a bang, as I joined Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh at his den of creativity, working on mind-boggling hairpieces for the Lordan Spyridon Gogos show. With the Redken hair team in tow, we turned Richard’s house into a hair haven. Talk about a wild start to Sydney Fashion Week!

Captivating Shows and Their Hair Directors

Michael Lo Sordo Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Effortless luxe was the name of the game here. We sprayed sea salt and dry shampoo like pros to create the ultimate cool-girl hair. Think early 2000s Kate Moss vibes, effortlessly chic and ready to rock the runway.

Lordan Spyridon Gogos Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Prepare to have your mind blown, folks! This show pushed boundaries like nobody’s business. We unleashed our inner hair artists, crafting abstract and geometric hairpieces using hair wefts. Models with diverse styles strutted their stuff, owning their unique hair looks. Avant-garde? More like Avant-glam!

Injury Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Ready to embrace your inner goth punk vampire? This show had it all! We channeled our punk side, creating gravity-defying spikes using the models’ own hair. Finger waves, braids, and exaggerated horns of hair added an extra touch of darkness. Get ready to rock the night away!

Indigenous Fashion Project Show (Hair Director Kirsty Hodgson):

Bringing together urban subculture and Hollywood glam, this show was a head-turner. We unleashed our disco divas, embracing voluminous curls and glam waves that would make Studio 54 proud. The beach babes joined the party too, flaunting those beachy textures like nobody’s business. It was a celebration of Indigenous heritage and fierce fashion.

Blanca Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Luxury Italian holiday, anyone? The hair at the Blanca show oozed effortless carefree elegance. We crafted cool girl blowout sets, tucking hair nonchalantly behind the ears. And let’s not forget those low Chignon knots at the back of the head. Hello, dolce vita!

Ikuntji Show (Hair Director Richard Kavanaugh):

Boss babes were the order of the day at this show. Picture this: sleek smoothed locks set with Hot tongs brushed out to a polished glamour that theses Boss Babes could hit any High Street and turn heads. First Nation models stole the show, while Indigenous Elders, lovingly called “Aunties,” added an emotional touch. The power of hair and culture combined in an unforgettable display.

Cue Show (Hair Director Diane Georgievski):

Grunge meets glamour, baby! The Cue Show brought back ’90s vibes with a vengeance. We unleashed our inner rock stars, rocking grunged-out and undone hair with a signature “S” bend. But wait, there’s more! Sleek, straight blowouts were in the mix too, creating a grungy, glamorous fusion that screamed rock ‘n’ roll.

Next Gen Show (Hair Director Justin Pace):

Time to unleash the future of hair! With a strong center part and floaty hairlines, we created hairstyles that juxtaposed sleek wet looks with carefree waves. Lived-in blowouts with soft waves at the ends added that carefree vibe. The next generation never looked so good!

We Wear Australian Show (Hair Director: Richard Kavanaugh):

Closing out Australian Fashion Week in style, this show paid tribute to 1950s greasers. Imagine a greaser catching his reflection, slicking back his hair, and continuing on his cool journey. Wet-look, tightly pushed-back sides, hand-pinched waves in the back, and slick, combed cross-overs on top exuded old-school charm with a modern twist. Grease lightning, indeed!

Unforgettable Highlights

Among the jaw-dropping shows, the Ikuntji Show held a special place in my heart. Collaborating with Indigenous Elders, the enchanting “Aunties,” was a life-changing experience. Their grace and beauty left me emotional and inspired. Working on this show, surrounded by incredible talent and culture, was a memory I’ll cherish forever.

And let’s not forget the creative chaos at Richard Kavanaugh’s house for the Iordan Spyridon Gogos show! We laughed, we crafted, and we made magic happen. It was a whirlwind of hairspray, hot tools, and laughter that solidified the bonds between us. Who knew a house could become a haven for hair artists?

Conclusion: Sydney Fashion Week 2023 was a wild ride of hair adventures, artistic expression, and unforgettable moments. From avant-garde creations to effortlessly cool styles, the hair stole the show alongside the jaw-dropping fashion. As a New Zealand Hair Stylist, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this incredible journey where hair met fashion in the most fabulous way. Cheers to the magic of hair and the memories created during Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2023!