10 May 2023

2023 Fashion and Hair Trends by Macey Coles

If you’re someone who loves staying up-to-date with the latest fashion and hair trends, then you’ll be happy to hear that the fashion and beauty forecast for 2023 is in! Our up and coming Emerging Stylist Macey Coles @hairbymaceyy tells us what we can expect to see in terms of fashion, haircuts, and hair colour trends.

Fashion Trends

The fashion forecast for 2023 includes a mix of old and new styles. The 90s and 2000s (noughties) are still going to be in vogue with sexy grunge styles and nostalgic fashion. But, there will also be a focus on long-term investments, simplicity, and a perfectly imperfect look. Everyday wear will be elevated and styles borrowed from the boys are also expected to be popular. Vintage and thrift shopping will continue to be popular options for those who want to achieve some of these looks.

Jeans and oversized t-shirts will be worn for the “borrowed from the boys” look and the “perfectly imperfect” statement trends:

The sheer look demonstrates the forecast “less is more” idea:

There will still be grunge, leather and denim, but this time it will be softer, more feminine and romantic:

Haircut Trends

When it comes to haircut trends, 2023 is all about customisation. We will be seeing unique combinations of trends and styles pieced together to create individually customised haircuts. Some of the top trends to look out for include:
– Slick artistry
– The box bob
– Seventies bangs
– Noughties mullets
– Luxurious long hair
– Side partings
– The wet look
– Sculptural braids.

Here are some fun ways that these can be combined to create individual customised styles:

1. “Seventies bangs” and “luxurious long hair”
2. “The wet look” and “slick artistry”
3. “Noughties mullets” and “seventies bangs”
4. “Sculptural braids” with “slick artistry”
5. A classic “box bob” which also ties in the “seventies bangs”
6. A “noughties mullet” with a “side parting”
7. “Seventies bangs”, the “noughties mullet” and “luxurious long hair”

Specific cuts to look out for are:

The octopus cut. Loosely resembling the shape of the sea creature, this cut will give lots of layers and volume on top, coupled with longer layered pieces that will fall on, or past your shoulders. This is the newest take on the shag or mullet and is very wearable and versatile on short, long, straight and curly hair.


The bob or bixie. Short crops and bobs are going to be the haircuts of 2023. Bobs are getting shorter and with a square length, cropped fringes, internal layers and wispy face framing texture. If you can’t decide between the “Bob” and the “Pixie” cuts, then 2023 will be seeing a lot of ‘Bixie’ cuts.

Hair Colour Trends

For hair colour trends, 2023 is all about personalised shades that bring warmth and richness to the hair.

Personalised platinum and beige blonde. Whether you call it honey blonde or beige, this customised sandy beige blonde is slated to lead the lighter shades of hair. Beige is especially perfect for the cooler months when the sky has more grey or cool tones. This colour is meant to feel natural and effortless.

Rich chocolate and subtle cinnamon. A marriage between red and brown. It incorporates the red hair trend which has veered into ginger, copper and sunset, whilst maintaining the merits of brunette. This colour leans into the warmer undertone that most brunettes have.

Vampy red. This is a fun way to play with the redhead trend that we have been seeing. Its a deep red/violet tone that is super vampy and not at all natural. This is a deeper, moodier take on the 2022 red/copper hair trend.

Switching up your hair colour in 2023 can give you a fresh new look and bring optimism and joy to the year. If you want to stay on top of the latest fashion and hair trends, 2023 is going to be an exciting year. So, keep an eye out for these trends, and don’t be afraid to try something new and unique!